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[IP] Re: 1. waterproof sport case 2. moniters 3. Diastix

1.  I have used the waterproof sport case.  Have had two.  They are 
"guarenteed"  I think for a year.  Got a new one last year because the old 
one was several years old.  Spent all day in the water at a waterpark with 
it.  Just make sure the tubing is through the proper area properly, and you 
should have no problems.  It's a bit pricey at around 70$, I would push them 
to send you a free one, tell them that you are thinking of going to 
Deisetronic next time because it's waterproof and maybe MM will send a free 
one.  Others on the list have received free ones.  I have  kids too.  If I 
had a 2 year old and was going to be in and out with possible dashes into 
water with pump on I'd wear a sport case.  As I am now, I disconnect for 
limited periods of time that I go in the water myself  (kids can swim now).  
Waterparks are idfferent.   If you have a cooler with you, and disconnect, 
ziplock your pump into a bag and put it in the cooler.  As far as the insulin 
in your pump, it should be OK.  Keeping it out of direct sunlight (as the 
case does) should keep it fairly good.  Anyone else with other experiences?

2.  Meters:  Excellent review of the meters on the market with features, etc 
as well as the companies and their phone numbers in the March/April Diabetes 
Self-Mangement journal.  Be bold, call them up and ask.  let them know how 
many strips you use.  Get a local reps number from them.

3.  Diastix.  Since just about all I drink in the way of soft drinks is diet 
coke, the only thing that I have tested this way is diet vs regular coke.  
Certainly works fine for this.  ???maybe wouldn't work for all diet 
soda's...don't know.  I did send an email to Bayer suggesting that they think 
about marketing for this (diastix aren't always easy to find here, I'm 
worried they'll quit producing them, and go the way of TesTape (Yeah ...I'm 
OLD...chuckle)  Got a reply form someone there saying basically that they  
have heard of some people using them this way, but that they are not 
"currently marketed" for this.  (I hate it when people just repeat back to me 
what I've already said I know).  I replied again, AND suggested that anyone 
at Bayer involved in DM products become acquainted with this wevsite/maillist.

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