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Re: [IP] First camping trip post-pump-Help!

Katherine Esposito wrote:
> Anyway, are there any common sense ideas out there from camping
> devotees? Things you encountered and would advise me to watch for? There
> is a house  a mile away, so I can use a sink and maintain sterile
> technique if I need to change the tubing. I will be going for two nights
> and three days, and I was hoping not to have to change the tubing- but
> if it starts to hurt, I have to. (I use Rapids.) I need to bring a
> backup pump- my Glucagon kit- syringes, a vial of insulin- and extra
> stuff for the pump.

I'm going camping for 10 days first time post-pump in mid-June and I'm
also interested in people's comments!

Some things that occur to me are -- if BGs go high, you can always give
yourself shots -- that will keep you going well enough to survive till
you can get out of there!  The only reason BGs would be uncontrollably
high on shots is if you have an infection or serious illness developing,
in which case, you need to get out of there, anyway!

I'd actually be more worried about lows than highs, because of all the
exercise -- but you know to have the Glucagon on hand. Be sure to bring
plenty of snacks -- both carb and protein -- you'll be burning a lot of

I've never done a site-change away from home (I'm a 2-month newbie on
the pump).  I wonder how good those anti-bacterial waterless cleansers
are when you don't have access to reliably clean water. 

Anyway, I'm waiting eagerly for responses to this question!!!

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