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[IP] First camping trip post-pump-Help!

and I'm realizing just how nervous I am. 
The pump has been working relatively well, which is why I haven't signed
on to this page when I have career and kids to tend to as well. But the
boys and I are going tent camping in a rural area three hours from
anywhere and even though I know to plan for emergencies- I'm still
nervous! Things can and do go wrong sometimes. I'm getting better at
anticipating problems and avoiding bad situations, but it's kind of
similar to the occasional hassles of having extremely long hair, which I
do: I NEVER know when I might catch it on something and yank my neck out
of whack. It rarely happens, but it's hard to plan for. (Guess I could
keep it in a bun, huh?)

Anyway, are there any common sense ideas out there from camping
devotees? Things you encountered and would advise me to watch for? There
is a house  a mile away, so I can use a sink and maintain sterile
technique if I need to change the tubing. I will be going for two nights
and three days, and I was hoping not to have to change the tubing- but
if it starts to hurt, I have to. (I use Rapids.) I need to bring a
backup pump- my Glucagon kit- syringes, a vial of insulin- and extra
stuff for the pump. 

I would appreciate anyone's comments. We leave Saturday morning.

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