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Re: [IP] Visits to the doctor

> Also, How often do you all see your endos?  I know it is recommended to
>see them every three months.  My  son usually sees his doctor every 5 to 6
> months.  He has had a few visits that were 4 months apart, but this was 
> sporadic and very rare.  He has had DM since 8/91.   Thanks for all your
> info.

My endo likes to see me at the office once a month. Lately I've been
seeing more of everyone at the office (CDE, endo, diatician). I had two
appointments this month and have two next month as well. Usually I see the
endo every three months and the CDE on the months I don't see my endo.

(This overload of appointments is due to me and pump training :>)


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