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[IP] Presentation !

My name is Cynthia
I was diagnosed at age 5 and have had diabetes for the last 24 years
(now I,m 29 years). None of the other members of my family are diabetic.

I have a child who are 6 years old.
I am using several doses of insulin a day. Two doses of  NPH by the
morning and the night, and humalog with the meals. I can't reach a good
control of my diabetes and this is a vicious circle, because if my BG
levels are not under control, i lost the willpower for follow my
I am interested too to have another baby, but this is very dangerous
without a better control. There are somebody to have already used the
pump during pregnancy? Could you tell me your experience?
I'm thinking to use the insulin pump for a best control.
By the way, I live in Argentina. I'm sorry if my english have many
mistakes !!

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