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[IP] Visits to the doctor

My son was supposed to see his doctor (pediatric endo) two weeks ago (he has 
not seen him since November).  I got a letter from his office about two 
months ago changing the appointment to today.  Then Saturday I got another 
letter changing the appointment to June 7.  I was really excited about this 
visit because my son had planned to ask for a pump.  I had written a letter 
to the doctor a few weeks ago telling him that Josh wanted a pump and all the 
things he had done to prepare for it.  His CDE called me and told me we could 
discuss it at the appointment.  She also told me that their protocol to put 
patients on a pump includes four shots a day of Humalog and Ultralente for at 
least a month (he currently takes three shots a day of Humalog and Lente).  I 
am really getting discouraged, because at this rate I am concerned that he 
may not get a pump before school starts in the fall.  I really like his endo 
and he and his group are the only pediatric endos in this region.  My son is 
15- should I consider changing to an adult endo?   Also, How often do you all 
see your endos?  I know it is recommended to see them every three months.  My 
son usually sees his doctor every 5 to 6 months.  He has had a few visits 
that were 4 months apart, but this was sporadic and very rare.  He has had DM 
since 8/91.   Thanks for all your info.
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