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Re: [IP] NY Bagels and carb counting

Beautifully said Marilyn.  If you can't figure out how to bolus for a bagel
or pretzel, then you've got real problems.  Those things are pure
carbohydrate, so it's just a matter giving enough insulin.  Most of us tend
to under figure the boluses, and as some already noted, some of those
suckers are REALLY BIG.  (like mary jean said maybe 80 g-- 5-6 U for me).
I don't think this is the best solution Paul.  Lord, if you can't fiugure a
pure CHO bagel, what would you ever do with pizza?   The joy of the pump is
that with a little thought and Marilyn's trial and error, we diabetics can
eat pretty much anything.   Yes I can hear Sara chiming in that sometimes
things just don't figure, but this is the exceeption rather than the rule.
Happy pumping, I say munching on my morning Baltimre bagel :-)

<< Me too, Friday's is 'bagel' day in the office, (in Philly - almost NY!),
 if I eat one with cream cheese I'm soon up to around 270 - so I don't eat
 them, isn't this the best solution?

<<<<<<<<<<<You must be kidding!  If you have one on every Friday then it
would only take
a couple times until you "guessed" right about it then you would be home
	I am probably one of the worst carb counters but I can keep my bgs
by just being a creature of habit.  For example, I always eat a muffin for
breakfast every day.  Started taking 4 units to cover it.  Nope, not enough.
Went to 4.5 better but not great.  On the 3rd day I tried 5.  Bingo!!!  I
frankly have no idea how many carbs are in it but I know how to cover it.  I
have also do the same thing with pizza.
	And before anyone tells me about ratios and all that.... I do know
that.  Based on my ratios, I now know the muffin had 75 carbs and the pizza
(don't want to multiply that high!!).

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