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Re: [IP] Diatsix.....

> Works for me, try it: Dip one in diet soda and another in regular soda. The
> one dipped in regular soda turns brown, almost black and the undipped one -
> remains pale green. This may not be a definitive test for actual glucose
> levels but it certainly gives me an excellent guide.
> Your pharmacist maybe be sort of correct, but think about it, we don't eat
> or drink anything that is either very acidic or alkaline, Maybe, pH 6 to 8 -
> any chemists out there to confirm this? And urine, one would imagine is in a
> similar range.
> Paul

Hi Paul, 

As a chemist, diabetic, and part-time winemaker I can assure you that
we [or at least *I*  :-) ]  Do eat things with fairly low pH.  Wine
always has a pH below 3.6 or so, and can be as low as 2.8.  Similarly
for grape juice.  And though I've never actually tried it, my guess is
that cola products would be somewhere in the low twos.  If I get a chance,
I'll try it at work today.

That said, I used to use Tes-tape to check the sugar content of
restaurant foods, and it worked fine.  Since the demise of Tes-tape
(sniff, sniff, sob), I've used used blood glucose test strips (there's
normally lots of extra reagent area on the back).

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