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Re: [IP] meters

In a message dated 5/27/99 1:10:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I am just curious as to how many individuals have gotten their blood 
 meters at no cost--from someone other than their CDE or endo?  How does one
 go about it?  Taylor is currently using the Fast Take meter but I am unsure
 of the accuracy, and would like to try another meter.  If anyone has any
 suggestions as to how to go about this I would appreciate it.  We are
 gathering info to present to his endo in June.
 Holly >>

My son got his meter from his endo but Walgreens, RiteAids and others offer 
them with massive rebates. Go in and search. My son uses the glucometer elite 
and loves it-so easy to use. BTW yesterday my hubby had to deliver huges 
batch of elites and strips to a rep. They satarted talking and and he told 
her about our son just being diagnosed  and was going on the pump. He said 
both her and her hubby were on the pump and they gave him 4 boxes of 100 
glucometer elite strips free. I was like a kid at christmas. Even though we 
have insurance to pay for these I was wondering how I was going to get extras 
for all the extra testing that will have to be done during this process. 

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