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[IP] Carb Counting

Being a newcomer to diabetes, (nearly 6 months), I am still finding my
'feet' on what I and cannot eat. Now I closely inspect everything for sugar
content and even sometimes test food in restaurants with Diastix. Now for
carbohydrates, I must admit that I not paying much attention to regulating
carbohydrate intake, although I know I should. 

I have learnt, really through trial and error how much Humalog to use for
everyday average meals, about 5 for breakfast, 9 for lunch and 12 for
dinner. My bgs are getting better, usually 85-160 or so, but because I don't
accurately look at carbohydrate consumption, sometimes I'm quickly up in the

I want to learn about controlling carbohydrate consumption as indeed I must,
but it seems such a lot to remember. Perhaps this becomes 'second nature' to
some people, but it doesn't seem to be with me and I'm getting a bit
despondent about it. Does any know of an "Idiots guide to carbohydrates",
that I could buy?

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