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Re: Subject: Re: Re: [IP] NY Bagels and carb counting

Have you guys ever picked up a Carbohydrate and Fat counter book?  I bought 
one at Barnes and Noble the other day where I live...called the Doctor's 
Pocket Calorie Fat and Carbohydrate Counter.  It was $6.99, a very small 
book, but the words on the pages are very tiny so there is actually alot in 
the book.  It has values for EVERYTHING, more than the other carb value books 
I've seen or owned.  This also has the values for 80 Fast Food chains and 
restaurants, as well as places such as Starbucks.  Most of the stuff in the 
book is brand name so it is easier to figure out the values, you don't have 
to generalize.  
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