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From: Subject: [IP] exercising and swimming

Jenna is one of those odd birds whose blood sugar rises with many different
kinds of exercise, then drops later.  So, we don't decrease her basal during
exercise at all, including swimming.  I usually figure it takes about 15 -20
grams of carbs per hour for exercise, less if they're just splashing around,
more if they're tearing around, really swimming, or the biggest carb sink of
all, on the trampoline.  Since Sunday was a mixture of all of that, she had
an ice cream bar (19 grams) that we didn't bolus for, then bolused her
regular ratio for the rest of the junk, and an hour or so later, she had a
cookie that we didn't bolus for.  Sometimes better lucky than good, but it
did work out.

Nancy Morgan
<<Nancy, Your letter was great! Thanks. I read one you wrote to someone
swimming. Do you decrease her basal then? Or keep it the same and bolus less
when she ate non stop...117 bg after the party is super!>>

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