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Velosulin was..Re: [IP] Erica & Mixing Insulins.....sigh :-(

Nancy Apple wrote:
> What is velosulin?  I never heard the word before!
>                                 Nancy Apple

It's a special version of Regular made by Novo for pump use. Used
to be necessary before pump hose were improved some years ago. They
put (then) special buffers that kept it from clogging up the old
single layer hoses, but modern dual layer hoses don't really
need it. Many doctors still recommend it to new pumpers

Myself I used up the bottle I got with my new pump 5+ years ago, 
then pulled out my left over R and used it instead. Couldn't 
see any difference and R is easier to get, so I never bothered
with Velosulin agan.

Anyway, the buffers are now used in Humalog, which is now more
popular for pumps.

Ted Quick
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