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[IP] Home Fructosamine Testing

Is anyone using LXN's Duet Home Fructosamine Test? If so, how often? Have
the test results helped you to be proactive in taking steps to tighten
control? Is it accurate? The medical community in my area thinks it is a
money making rip off. They make comments like, What will patients do with
this information? That is what many in the medical community said about
home blood glucose monitors in the 80s, delaying the retail release of the
machines to the 90s. 

I think the 2 week average it provides could be very useful information
between every 3 month A1C tests. It would be reassuring to know your blood
glucose monitoring averages match up to a second test before going to the
doctors office and getting "bad news" three months later on an A1C. This
appears to be an ideal testing tool for individuals using the insulin pump.
What does everyone else think?


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