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[IP] trying to help a new diabetic

Hey, everyone--

I just spoke to a former coworker whose husband was diagnosed as a Type
II non-insulin dependant diabetic last year. He didn't handle it well
then, and he's gotten worse about it now.

The guy was a big drinker to begin with, probably an alcoholic even
then. He's overweight (a big guy, probably 6'5", 300 pounds) and from
what I hear, has gained even more weight. He's been drinking constantly,
and his wife has left him--she apparently can't deal with it, either.

I don't know the guy well, but what I'd like to do is anonymously write
him a kind, but tough letter letting him know that he's not alone in
this. It may sound ironic that I plan to do this anonymously, but I've
thought this through and I think it's the best way because a) he's a
good 'ol boy and may not feel comfortable with a female trying to wake
him up to reality, and b) I don't want him to think his wife persuaded
me to do this, which she didn't. 

I plan to ask a friend of mine who is a psychiatrist for recommendations
for this man, and to list maybe 3 or 4 of these psychiatrists that he
could contact. He's apparently tried AA, but it's not working out. I
figure if I give him these doctors' names, he can at least consider
talking to someone. I also plan to list a couple of endos. I want to
give him enough information that he won't be able to use the excuse of
not knowing where to turn.

Finally, (and this is where you guys come in) I'm hoping to send him
e-mail letters from some of you with words of encouragement and support.
It's helped me, and if this guy is as lost as I think he is, maybe it
will be a lifesaver. Please e-mail me at email @ redacted with your
letters. Thanks.

I'm not really sure why I have this strange urge to help this man I
don't even know. Wait, yest I do--I hate waste.  Also, I've been where
he's at now--I think we all can understand the denial. Being alcoholic
on top of that must be hell. I can just hear this guy telling his
buddies that he has a 'touch' of diabetes. I understand that you can't
help someone until they are ready to help themselves, but I'm going to
try. I just hope that he doesn't throw the letter out after just reading
the first few lines...

Thanks for your time,
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