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Re: [IP] NY Bagels and carb counting

In a message dated 05/26/1999 3:49:11 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Me too, Friday's is 'bagel' day in the office, (in Philly - almost NY!), 
 if I eat one with cream cheese I'm soon up to around 270 - so I don't eat
 them, isn't this the best solution?

You must be kidding!  If you have one on every Friday then it would only take 
a couple times until you "guessed" right about it then you would be home 

I am probably one of the worst carb counters but I can keep my bgs constant 
by just being a creature of habit.  For example, I always eat a muffin for 
breakfast every day.  Started taking 4 units to cover it.  Nope, not enough.  
Went to 4.5 better but not great.  On the 3rd day I tried 5.  Bingo!!!  I 
frankly have no idea how many carbs are in it but I know how to cover it.  I 
have also do the same thing with pizza.

And before anyone tells me about ratios and all that.... I do know about 
that.  Based on my ratios, I now know the muffin had 75 carbs and the pizza 
(don't want to multiply that high!!).

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