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Re: [IP] NY Bagels and carb counting

email @ redacted wrote:
> Has anyone figured out how many carbs  in a NY bagel (much larger than other
> bagels) with just a smear of lite cream cheese.  I'm not sure if I'm just
> counting the carbs wrong or whether it is delayed digestion, but I'm always
> running very high after eating one.   Thanks.  Ronee

Bagels ALWAYS have massive amounts of carbs!!  That's because they're
made of white flour (no fiber) AND are very dense. If a medium-sized
bagel has about 60g of carbs, then a large one could have 100 or 120!

I think Jan's advice is good: do an experiment -- take a certain amount
of insulin for the bage and check BGs 1 1/2 - 2 hours after eating. If
you're high, and STAY high, then try a little more insulin next time and
do the same measurements. You will eventually find out the right amount
for you. 

Good luck!
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