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Re: [IP] relationships and pumping

Hi Julie,

Some people are just *really* scared of needles and blood. And when it's a
guy, he has the added onus of it not being particularly "macho" to almost
pass out at the sight of blood.  :-) My best friend is married to a guy who
almost passed out during an ultrasound of their baby. He just couldn't help
being squeamish.

My guess is that over time, your boyfriend will become less squeamish and I
do think it's important that you don't feel shy about testing your BGs
around him. You really need that info.

My husband pretty much leaves the DM care to me. I used to wish that he was
more involved with my care, but then I realized he'd drive me crazy if he
were. I *hate* it when people say stuff like, "Should you be eating that?"
Or "Is it time for your insulin?" Like I haven't figured out this stuff
after 26 years. :-)

I did insist that he learn to administer glucagon while I was pregnant,
because I was running my BGs so tightly that I wasn't feeling lows until I
was in the 30s. (This particular pregnancy was pre-pump. I have 2 healthy
kids now.) Glucagon is not a big thing for me at other times because (knock
wood) I've never passed out or had to go the ER due to a hypo. This would
be a bigger problem if I regularly passed out.

If your boyfriend is supportive of you and the the other aspects of having
DM (the ones that don't involve needles :-)), then I woudn't worry too
much. It would be handy if all DMers could be married to or the children of
doctors, but that's just not going to happen. :-)

As for apprising him of possible complications, you could talk about it,
maybe more to educate him about the things that you deal with as opposed to
gving him a chance to back out. But there are no guarantiees in life for
anyone, not just those of us with DM. He could be (Heaven forbid) paralyzed
in a car crash, will you not marry him because that might happen?

Marriage is for better or worse, richer or poorer. My guess is that he
knows and feels that way already, because he's talking marriage despite all
those needles. :-)


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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