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Re: [IP] Carb Counting Question....sorry, kind of dumb

Kelly, one method I use is based on the "portion" size from the package.
They always give the number of cho per portion and the number of portions
per box.  So then if there are say 8 portions per box of pasta, I just
mentally divide the total cooked bowl in half then in half again, and
again.  This "eyeball" method at least gets me in the right ballpark.  They
don't give cho per cooked volume, because it depends on how you pack down
the soft cooked pasta when you measure it.  Mary Jeans 40 g/cup method is
probably as good as my eyeball method, and hers works in restaurants too
	Cooking may change the form of starch but it doesn't do too much to
the total cho.  Nearly all eventually gets in as glucose.  Cooking may
alter the glycemic index (i.e, the rate of BG increase, but you will still
need pretty much the same total amount of insulin, cooked or uncooked.
Very little cho passes through the normal gi system without getting broken
down to glucose and absorbed.

<<<<<<<		I have a question that may seem a little dumb but it has been
bugging me for a LONG time now.  It's carb counting for pasta.  We've been at
this for over 3 years and usually my carb counting is right on target for
Stevie.  I can even usually estimate just by looking at something, but for
whatever crazy reason PASTA is my sticking point!  Now on the box, I know
it's a dry measure that's listed, but obviously with 6 people in the house,
I'm cooking quite a big portion.  I always seem to mess up the carb counting
for Steven.  Our old dietician is gone :-( and the new dietician at our
Diabetes Self-Management Center is sort of a drip, so I really don't want to
ask her.  HOW DO YOU ALL MEASURE FOR CARBS IN PASTA??!  Please help me out on
this one!  I realize that this probably sounds really stupid, but do you
measure it in a measuring cup? Weigh it? and then how do you convert the
measurement to know the dry measure.  I mean if the dry measure is 2oz., then
how do you know how much it is in the cooked form?  Or vice versa.....Say he
wants 1 1/2 cups of cooked pasta, but the box states a dry measure, how do I
figure the carbs? >>>>>>>  Kelly

<<<<From: Ruth Elowitz <email @ redacted>
Ted,  I think you are probably right about the water content, but I am
pretty sure
the starch issue is real.  It's kind of like fruit.  The longer the pasta is
boiled, the more the starch in it breaks down. This does raise the carbs.
I can't
remember how, but I've been told and read it numerous times.  This is
actually not
just a "diabetic" thing, but a scientific one as well since when I taught 7th
grade my students had to do an experiment with fruit where they measured the
increasing amount of sugars as the fruit heated up.  I wasn't teaching the
part so I don't really remember how it works.  Someone who knows more
data can help us here?>>>>>>>

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