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Re: [IP] Question

email @ redacted wrote:
> My son received his MMpump along with some supplies. Here is what they sent-
> what are the differences between these products and the others offered by
> MM-they sent him theSoft set ultimate QR-what is the difference between that
> and the Polyfin or the silhoutte

As I remember it, the Polyfin is just the QR without the quick connect
Not really useful since it means you're attached to the pump all the
except when changing sets. 

The Silhouette is entirely different, and is made by a different company 
and distributed by MiniMed. I find them so much better since the
is flat on the skin, stays in place so much better, and the depth can be 
set as YOU need it. I'm rather thin, so that last part is very important
me. When I used QRs, or the Polyfins before they came out, I was having
many problems with the tip of the canula hitting muscle and crimping or 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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