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Re: [IP] relationships and pumping

This is coming from the other side of the coin. I am not diabetic but my
boyfriend is and he has a pump. I am always willing to learn everything that
I possibly can about how his pump works, what he has to do on a daily basis
just so that he can go on living from day to day. He has taught me what I
would have to do if he is too low or even has a seizure. I know that if it
wasn't for his pump or should I say insulin he would die. I will never ever
truly understand what he goes thru every day of his life with him being
diabetic but I am sure willing to know how it affects him and what I can do
to help him if needed because I love him. Once your boyfriend realizes that
your LIFE truly depends on getting that insulin than maybe he will be more
willing to want to learn more and help you if he needs to. I used to get
dizzy at the site of blood too but his life is worth more to me than
anything else, thats why I joined this group to get an idea of what other
people go thru from day to day. So it can be done just hang there and be
patient with him.

Good Luck

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