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[IP] To Disetronic users...

For your thoughts.
1.  They can break if you should drop your pump the right way.  Mine did, 
fractured into three pieces inside the pump.  I was unaware of this 
initially.  I recognized this 12 hours later when I had the largest air 
bubble at the top of the cartridge that I have ever encountered.  I decided 
to change the cartridge and replace it and then found the broken cartridge.
2.  You can cut your finger on the sharp glass trying to remove it from the 
pump.  If you also take aspirin you will not need a lancet to check your 
blood sugars for quite a while after.
3. If you do not detect this early, you will go the whole day  without 
control and wonder why.  There is no occlusion alarm since there is no 
occlusion, no basal insulin is delivered, and no bolus is delivered.  The 
insulin escapes outside the broken cartridge and into the cartridge 
I checked with Disetronic and was advised to wash out the compartment with 
water and dry it with a Kleenex and clean the piston rod with a soft brush.  
There should be no harm to the pump.

Any other reasons for not using glass???
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