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Re: [IP] Pumper from Charlotte, NC

I actually just moved from Charlotte.
I lived right off of Rea Rd. in South Charlotte,  between
Pineville and Mathews.

My parents are still living there and my dad is going on
10 years as an type 1. Long story as to why he is
categorized as a type 1.  I have been trying to interest
him in a pump lately as I am searching myself.

Although I am now up near Boston, MA.  My father
may be interested in attending meetings if a group is
started or is already existing.  He has a doctor with
First Charlotte Physicians, which I believe is part
of the Pres. Hospital.

- Sherry
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From: Sanders, Tamera <email @ redacted>
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Date: Tuesday, May 25, 1999 2:09 PM
Subject: [IP] Pumper from Charlotte, NC

>Hello, I am a 9 month pumper and am checking to see if there is anyone
>subscribed here who is from this area.  Are there any pump support groups
>the Charlotte area?  Anyone like to get one up and rolling?  Any info from
>persons from other locations about how to start a pump group, let me know.
>Thanks, Tamera.
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