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Square wave bolus, was ..Re: [IP] Slushies

Thomas Tarca wrote:
> Question for pump users:  If you were to go to a party and just be
> "grazing" all day , is there a way to give bolus + basil over a period
> of time?  It's worded a little funny , but I'm trying to ask if there is
> a way to give a bolus over a period of time and the basil too.  I've
> heard of this but am not sure.  Thanks for listening!!

Yes, at least with the newer MiniMed pumps. It's called a Square 
Wave bolus, and can be chosen when you run through the bolus menu.
It gives you the bolus amount in addition to the regular basal rate
over a time period you choose. Very handy for those situations.

There's also a Dual Bolus, which gives an immediate bolus amount
and then follows for the time period you set for the second dose

Ted Quick
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