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Re: [IP] relationships and pumping

Julie,  I think you might have to slowly involve your boyfriend in your care. 
 If he loves you, he will be willing to learn and become supportive.  This is 
what happened with my husband.  I married at 25 and had had DM since age 9.  
I never involved my husband in any of my care.  I was very independent and 
did not think I needed his help.  I had everything under control(LOL).  
Everything changed when I got pregnant.  My husband had a crash course in DM 
care.  I was passing out right and left from low bgs.  That first pregnancy 
was a nightmare for both of us.  This was 20 years ago and pre-pump, but we 
took way too many trips to the ER.  I do think this was unfair to my husband, 
but I had no idea how difficult this would be.  Anyway, he learned and he was 
great.  I know he loves me or why in the hell would he have put up with what 
I went through in 2 pregnancies and several surgeries.  BTW, I had 2 healthy 
baby boys who are 20 and 16 now and still healthy and well worth those 8 
month ordeals.  Anyway, the point is that although your boyfriend might be 
uncomfortable now, he can and will learn how to help you if he loves you.  
Good luck.  ellen  
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