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Re: [IP] Pump Reps

At 09:20 AM 5/25/1999  Donna wrote:
 >Had it not been for my rep acting so quickly, I would have sent the pump
 >back.  I was also called and told what they think the problem might have
 >been with the pump.  I guess it helps to have a rep that is a pumper also.
 >Having a crisis can be terrifying and you need all the help you can get no
 >matter where it comes from. :-)

That's why I always like having a backdoor... if you can't get in the front 
way, you need an alternate method. In my career I've worked with sales reps 
in many different fields. They are good for more than just making a sale. 
Their job is to keep you happy. A good rep knows that happy customers 
generate more sales. If customer service ever becomes customer disservice, 
then call your rep ASAP. That's what they are there for. A quality rep 
knows which buttons to push to get you the service you deserve.


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