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Re: [IP] 11 Years of Pumping or How the times have changed.

In a message dated 5/24/99 6:27:23 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

 I read this post with my mouth hanging open.  Could you share with me what 
manual you found these quotes and how you responded to them.
 I have 'heard' a few of these similar comments but am at a loss as to know 
how to respond.

Don't panic, no one is giving out bad advice <smile>  I'm not sure if you 
caught the fact that this was the manual I received when I first got my pump 
11 years ago.  It is most definitely outdated!!  I thought these parts of the 
manual were rather humorous, they really pointed out how times have changed.  

I did what they told me to do <smile> because that is what was "current" 
thinking at the time.  Within a year or so after this, the book "Pumping 
Insulin" came out and I gave up on the regular diet bit.  

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