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Re: [IP] Diabetes and the military

William Bartram wrote:
> Philip,
> I also have a story I have not yet told you.  You know that the military
> misdiagnosed me, thought I was a type 2 for about two years, then I went in
> to DKA, they then had the nerve to investigate me for a line of duty---which
> is basically a misconduct investigation.  They thought it was something that
> I had done and was going to discharge me with nothing...What a
> shock...learning I had type 1--then being kicked out of the military as if I
> was a problem in the Air Force.  Everything did all work out for my benefit,
> however it was different that someone could even think this was my fault.

They probably thought your illness was a drug reaction -- that you were
doing hard drugs. 

That just shows the ignorance of the general public about diabetes.

I'm glad it worked out ok. 

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