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Re: [IP] relationships and pumping


I couldn't agree more.  I have a wonderful husband who is very supportive and it
means everything to me.  Sometimes he can be a little to supportive and a little
over anxious.  I let him know up front that I was diabetic and as time went on I
clued him in on the regular routine.  When I had to go on MDI he was there.  It
bothered me more than it did him when I gave my shots or checked my blood.  I
would wait until he went to work before checking and giving my shot.  *L* Sounds
silly now.   When I went on the pump he was there for the training, he wanted to
know how to do things if I couldn't.  I have to say that if something happened
to me I know he could take care of it and is the only person that I would want
to.  Going on a trip without him now is scary. 

For those who are looking for a mate or think you found them I have the
following advice.  People usually don't change, if they are not supportive now
then they probably won't be later on.  You have to consider the possibility of
you having an insulin reaction and not being able to help yourself and them
having to give you the glucagon shot, or being really high and not being able to
give a bolus or shot and them having to.   Your spouse needs to be very
supportive for those times and understanding for the times you aren't feeling
well or like yourself.  If they truly love you then a needle or a little blood
won't make a difference. 

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