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Re: [IP] Pump Reps


My pump rep made all the difference in the world during my first crisis (just
last week, pump died).  I got a help person that was absolutely no help (she
must have been having a really bad day).  They brought me a loaner pump within 2
hours and made sure the company knew about the service (or lack thereof) I
received.  It is my understanding that this will not be a problem from now on,
she was taken care of.  Had it not been for my rep acting so quickly, I would
have sent the pump back.  I was also called and told what they think the problem
might have been with the pump.  I guess it helps to have a rep that is a pumper
also.  Having a crisis can be terrifying and you need all the help you can get
no matter where it comes from. :-)

PS. They were the ones that did all the paperwork to get me the pump also. 
Doctors had no clue (I understand they do this for every one of this doctors
patients)  I must have an exceptional rep.
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