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Re: [IP] ted's upside down pump

Ted and Diana were conversing:

>> Are you using the spring loaded type clip?  I tried but can't figure
this out
>> any which way with this clip.
>Yes, it's the spring loaded clip that slides into the slot in the back
>the pump. I didn't know there was another kind....

And I'll interrupt : 8-)

Diana, the only way to make this work (upside down) is if you are wearing
an actual belt.  I'm pretty sure that Ted is clipping his to his BELT --
not his waistband.  (although I've never seen Ted to know <vbg>).  If you
clip it to your belt, you can come up from the bottom and clip the pump
around the belt so the tubing is pointing down.  Otherwise, there is no
other way.

Mary Jean

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