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Re: Subject: [IP] Insulins..... (Barb & Nancy)

In a message dated 5/25/99 8:07:07 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Jenna goes 6 to 9 days on 1 cartridge of mixed insulin.  We use a 5:1 ratio
 of Humalog / Velosulin.  With the D pump, if you don't fill the cartridge
 either to 1.8 (1/2 a cartridge, which isn't enough for 6 days), or to 3.0,
 the pump doesn't give you accurate low insulin warnings - and we ran out
 once away from home because of filling an odd amount of insulin, so didn't
 get a warning.  But anyways, I hate to waste insulin, so we fill to 3.0
 which lasts 9 days, and do 2 site changes (every 3 days) before changing a
 cartridge.  Of all the problems that have come up over time, I don't think
 the mix has ever deteriorated to cause a problem.
 Nancy Morgan


In case this is helpful we also do the same for Laura as Nancy explained 
above.  So far we have had great results but I have wondered if the heat of 
the summer months will cause any problems that we are not encountering now.  
Nancy, did the heat make any difference last summer?  The only recent change 
we have made is switching to the Rapids. (which also makes those middle of 
the night changes much more pleasant!)  <grin>  (in fact she just slept 
through one last night - couldn't have done that with the Tenders)

I am still curious how Laura manages to twist and turn the Tender cannela 
into such odd shapes while it is inserted into her.  I especially find the 
"z" shaped ones interesting.......

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