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Subject: Re: [IP] Pump Reps

Hi Nancy,
Those are the positive differences in a nutshell.  I also rarely use the D
rep, though she did reprogram some functions I needed reprogrammed on the
day I called, at my house (and she lives 90 miles from me).  Waterproof is
our major reason.  In the summer, Jenna can spend hours at the beach or
pool, and having to connect and disconnect repeatedly (and expect her to
remember to do that) sounded like a hassle. We've been nothing but pleased
with our D experience.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, pumping with a D for 9 months now

<<Disetronic seems more favorable so far for several reasons: the insulin
counter, that you
receive 2 meteres, that the company insists on servicing the meter
periodically, waterproof, and see through.  Why did you choose
Disetronic over MM?>>

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