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No Subject

Hi Avery,
My daughter thinks it's as great as everyone says it is.  If you do lots of
water sports, you may want to seriously consider the Disetronic pump.  It is
waterproof.  Sunday, my daughter spent all afternoon at a pool party.  Her
pump was safely tucked into a pocket on the inside of her bathing suit.  She
ate ice cream bars, cookies, chips, hot dogs, and jumped in and out of the
pool for 4 hours.  It was no problem at all, and her sugar was 117 when the
party was over.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 10, pumping for 9 months

<<I have an appt. with my endo. next
week to discuss getting a pump.  I am really excited especially
after reading all this stuff!  Is it really that great? I can't
imagine having all the freedom that everyone says you can
with a pump!  I have a question though -- I am really active in
sports and swim a lot. Is that ok to still wear a pump?  Can
you take it in the water?>>

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