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Subject: [IP] Erica & Mixing Insulins.....sigh :-(

Hi Barb,
Jenna goes 6 to 9 days on 1 cartridge of mixed insulin.  We use a 5:1 ratio
of Humalog / Velosulin.  With the D pump, if you don't fill the cartridge
either to 1.8 (1/2 a cartridge, which isn't enough for 6 days), or to 3.0,
the pump doesn't give you accurate low insulin warnings - and we ran out
once away from home because of filling an odd amount of insulin, so didn't
get a warning.  But anyways, I hate to waste insulin, so we fill to 3.0
which lasts 9 days, and do 2 site changes (every 3 days) before changing a
cartridge.  Of all the problems that have come up over time, I don't think
the mix has ever deteriorated to cause a problem.

Nancy Morgan

<<What I want to ask everybody, is can you leave the R& H mixed in a
syringe for two site changes.  That would be 6 days (7 if a miracle

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