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[IP] re; laser treatment etc.

When I posted yesterday about my retinopathy, I forgot to mention that
i thought long and hard about whether I should post it or not. I don't
want to discourage anyone into thinking that laser treatment doesn't
work. For the vast majoirty of people it does. Some are just
unlucky. Also I was not on a pump then and my control was still pretty

If I hadn't had the laser treatment I am sure I would now be
completely blind, and whilst I don't have that much vision, it's still
a lot better than none!

I apologise if I scared or depressed anyone with my story. I thought I
should tell it like it is though. Personally I would rather know all
the facts and hear all the stories - good or bad.
I go back for more laser treatment tomorrow so wil see what they have
to say.

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