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Re: [IP] Erica & Mixing Insulins.....sigh :-(

email @ redacted wrote:
> Ok I'm confused-I thought only humulog was used with the pump? Just
> wondering. Thanks

Not necessarily. Some people can't use Humalog because they're allergic
it, or at least it doesn't work for them. Some doctors insist that
CAN'T be used in pumps becuse the FDA hasnt approved it for that (which 
means they haven't TESTED it for pump use, not that it doesn't work)
which is silly since many medicines are used for FDA untested things.

Some people use Velosulin, some use Regular, and many here mmix either
them with Humalog in some ratio, so there's no standard answer. We do 
what works for each of us.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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