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Re: [IP] Erica & Mixing Insulins.....sigh :-(

Duck And Barb wrote:
> That's It! It happened again, 30 hours of great sugars and then KABOOM!
> Sugars through the roof.  Waiting for Emla to take effect now, it is
> after 11pm, and I am going to call for a prescription for Regular
> tomorrow and start mixing it with the Humalog.  This has been happening
> consistently now for too long.

Yes, that's a definite reason to change, I'm sure.
> What I want to ask everybody, is can you leave the R& H mixed in a
> syringe for two site changes.  That would be 6 days (7 if a miracle
> happens).  

I've done it both ways, mixing only the syringe load I was starting, 
using 100 Humalog + 20 R, but formerly mixed larger amounts in an
old empty vial and using it till it was gone. Not really sure there was
an appreciable beakdown with the 300H + 60R I mixed in the vial, but
finally decided to just do it in the syringe for simplicities sake.

I must admit I am frightened that this mixing of insulins
> will not work.  I don't know where we would be then, her little body
> can't take this every 30 hours, changing everyday seems WAY too much for
> her little body to handle.   Although it would still be better than
> injections, I am sure her sites would start giving up from overuse.

Yes, that's definitely a concern, to say nothing of frustration. Hang in
there, hope it gets better for Erica real soon.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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