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Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office

> >Im confused,  I was told not to worry about a low until I was below 60.  I
> >didn't think you could have a reaction at 60.  Have I been given false
> >information or do some people have a low at a higher bg than others?
> >
> >Donna
> >you are mistaken (a little) I know from my own experience that i often feel
> low when my sugars drop fast (from like 210 to 120) and i get the shakes
> and everything. and sometimes i feel low when i am at 70, sometimes at 40.
> it really depends on the person the persons activity (sometimes i can be
> doing something and i almost just don't realize the symptoms).

This is not quite accurate.  The symptoms of hypoglycemia are mostly caused by
the drop in blood sugar not the #.  Below 20 or 30, the brain starts starving
so much that you will also have some kind of symptoms.  However,  when and
where you feel symptoms will depend on several factors:

1).  As Brian says, the speed and length of your drop.  The higher you were and
the faster you fall, the more you will feel.

2).  How accustomed you are to a certain range.  You can get used to being at
60 and cease feeling symptoms. Conversely, if you get used to being at 120-140
most of the time, you will probably have some symptoms at 60.

3).  Long term autonomic nueropathy.  This can decrease your adrenal reactions
to lows so you notice or have less symptoms.

Symptoms do not equal low blood sugar nor does low blood sugar equal symptoms.
Often the equation works but it is variable for everybody.  The problem is that
with the variations in meters, I've always found it hard to pin anybody down
about what # indicates hypoglycemic damage to your body.  The research I did
before getting pregnant turned up the following answers:

-60-80 is a dangerous range b/c it is close to being truly hypo and sugars fall
faster here, therefore we use 80 as the cut off even though ordinary people
with blood sugars of 65 or 70 aren't really considered hypo.

-anything below 60.

-anything below 50.

-the point at which damage begins to occur is not definite but we use numbers
as a way to avoid it anyhow.  Obviously severe lows like 25 or 35 cause some

I guess that means you have to pick a system that works.


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