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[IP] Erica & Mixing Insulins.....sigh :-(

That's It! It happened again, 30 hours of great sugars and then KABOOM!
Sugars through the roof.  Waiting for Emla to take effect now, it is
after 11pm, and I am going to call for a prescription for Regular
tomorrow and start mixing it with the Humalog.  This has been happening
consistently now for too long.

What I want to ask everybody, is can you leave the R& H mixed in a
syringe for two site changes.  That would be 6 days (7 if a miracle
happens).  I must admit I am frightened that this mixing of insulins
will not work.  I don't know where we would be then, her little body
can't take this every 30 hours, changing everyday seems WAY too much for
her little body to handle.   Although it would still be better than
injections, I am sure her sites would start giving up from overuse.

Please, any input, and thanks for the suggestions so far.  They are SO

Barb....Erica's mom

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