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[IP] Slushies

A while ago I think there was talk of Slurpies (or slushies, or something
like that) and the question of how many carbs are in them came up.  Since
it was really hot the past couple of weeks (and my roommate LOVES
slushies), I've had my first one in 4.5 years!  (I love my pump!)  Anyhow,
the carb counts varies quite a bit (from the ones I've found).  For
Fazoli's (a fast food Italian resturant), their "Lemon Ice" (which is the
consistency of a slushy) is 35 g of CHO for 12 oz.  Kool-Aid also makes a
slushy mix, it is 35 g of CHO for 8 oz.  Also, the more frozen the Kool-Aid
slushy is, the bigger the serving... and it can makes a LOT of difference.

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