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Re: [IP] marilyn and retinopathy

I had very poor vision when in college going for my Bachelors, and an 
organization saw that I had large print books plus audio tapes and they even 
paid a reader for research texts at the library that could not be purchased 
on cassette or in large print. It may be worth your while to contact the Aid 
to the Blind in your area and apprise them of the situation.  it would be a 
shame and waste to miss your PHD by such a short period of time and study.  
What will your degree be in what field.  I pray for the best for you I know 
how it feels to be so close and have an obstacle of this magnitude thrown in 
front of you.  I had two cataract surgeries and an eye muscle surgery the 
last year of college.  I did get improved sight so it was worth it.  I hpe 
the same happens for you. 
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