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Re: [IP] Taking the pump in the water. CAN I??

"April M. Mar" wrote:
> I am going to Hawaii this August.  I thought I had the solution from
> Minimeds sport case.  Their web site says its water 'resistant' (I
> thought proof) and they had this testimony of someone who said on his
> tropical vacation he spent most the time in the water and his pump
> stayed dry.
> But...I got it today and there is no way!  It has a zipper on in and
> where the zipper stops is a hole.  I was hoping they may have done
> something clever like some plastic around the end of the zipper or
> something so when you closed it, it would create a seal around the tube.
> What, if anything, has anyone found for taking their pump in the water?

Unfortunately you got the wrong product. The Sports Case is just a 
cushioned case that's able to put up with some sports, NOT necessarily 
including wet sports or swimming.

The Sports Guard is what you need for swimming. It IS water-proof, or at
least should be if used correctly. Go to:


The Sports Guard is an oversized hard clear plastic tube with a 
silicone rubber top end that fits snugly into the tube. A bit of 
vaseline on it before closingit is meant to form a complete seal.
The hose goes through a slot that is squeezed closed when the 
top is pushed into the tube, and fits into a slightly undersized
hole that seals around it. I know since I've had both. Haven't 
really used the Sports Guard, but that's mostly because 
I swim like a rock.........

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
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