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Re: [IP] Re: site infections/exercise and the Diabetic Woman

> > From: email @ redacted
> > Subject: [IP] site infections/exercise
> > kevin has gone low several times and we arent sure why. He has a can of soda. I counted the entire 47 grams towards his insulin/food ratio. He went
> > low while walking thru historic Jamestown.... then Saturday he dropped to 40! He was walking slow around. Both days were very hot! Should we count
> > soda different?
> Although regular soda has tons of sugar, it has nothing else.  Once
> it's gone, it's gone, and you can really drop quickly.  I'd say
> you've tried it twice, and both times he's gone low, so it's time to
> assume that it requires less insulin to cover. 

Drink diet and quit worrying about lows/high from the soda. A can of 
soda has a ton of carbo and can be difficult to match a bolus to.
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