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RE: [IP] sof-serter question

<Does anyone use the Sof-serter from MiniMed?  They say it's virtually 
painless.....is it??>

Valerie, my daughter uses the Sof-serter - she likes it and says most of the 
time it is painless.

<Also, I wear jeans a lot, usually no belt -- what's the best case to get?>

Your pump will come with a leather case, and to be honest, Amy never uses her 
case. You may want to wait to order any additional cases until you see if you 
will really use one.

<Has anyone tried that thigh strap thing?>

Amy has one -- she got hers for free from our rep. It doesn't work very well 
for her, but then, her legs are tiny!

Mom of Amy, 12, pumping 1 year -- almost!!

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