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[IP] Re: site infections/exercise and the Diabetic Woman

> From: email @ redacted
> Subject: [IP] site infections/exercise
> kevin has gone low several times and we arent sure why. He has a can of soda. I counted the entire 47 grams towards his insulin/food ratio. He went
> low while walking thru historic Jamestown.... then Saturday he dropped to 40! He was walking slow around. Both days were very hot! Should we count
> soda different?

Although regular soda has tons of sugar, it has nothing else.  Once it's gone, it's gone, and you can really drop quickly.  I'd say you've tried it
twice, and both times he's gone low, so it's time to assume that it requires less insulin to cover.  And better to have him end up a little high and
then adjust than to end up at 40 again.  The exercise and the heat could also definitely have played a role in these lows.

> He got knocked in his site a few times and now he has an infection in the
> site! Doc called in antibiotics. I feel like a complete failure.

Anyone who is parenting a young pumper deserves a medal, even on the good days.  Be patient with yourself.  Don't worry about getting perfect numbers
and having everything in check right away.  For an adult pumper it's a lot of work, but when you throw in all the issues of being young and being new to
pumping, you are bound to have a tricky adjustment period.  Even after the initial period, the adjustment continues.  Hang in there.

> Tonight & tomorrow night he is trying out for a Challenge league of
> Soccer...it is 2 hours of intense play. I was wondering if the following
> sounded reasonable. He will eat 1 hour before, bolus like usual, then turn
> off pump while playing (disconnect) and drink gatorade while he plays....I am
> truly scared now after all the lows he has had.

People have a wide variety of experiences with exercise.  He might even need to take a smaller bolus before playing.  You can always test during a break
and reconnect long enough to give a little more insulin if you need to.  A severe low will be tougher to deal with in the middle of a soccer game.

Breathe deeply.  Remember that you're doing everything you can to make this work, but it takes awhile to come together.


> From: Donna <email @ redacted>
> Subject: [IP] Book Advice needed
> Has anyone bought the book "Diabetic Woman"?  Would you recommend it to anyone
> that is wanting to become pregnant?  If not could you recommend something?
> Thanks
> Donna
> (Want to be well educated before jumping in)

It's an excellent book by an endocrinologist who is herself diabetic.  You should buy it whether you're getting pregnant or not.  ADA has a thin
paperback book called Diabetes and Pregnancy: What to Expect that is pretty good also.

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