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[IP] what's low?

> From: Donna <email @ redacted>
> Subject: Re: [IP] Hypoglycemic episode in drs office
> Im confused,  I was told not to worry about a low until I was below 60.  I
> didn't think you could have a reaction at 60.  Have I been given false
> information or do some people have a low at a higher bg than others?
> Donna

Sixty is in that gray range of sugars btwn. low and normal.  It depends a lot on what
else is going on.  For one, it depends if you're 60 and rising or 60 and falling.  If
I'm 60 and have just bolused an hour before, I consider that a low that needs
treatment, since there's a lot of insulin in my system.  If my fasting bg is 60, it's
not such a big deal, and I just eat breakfast before bolusing to give the bg time to
rise.  I personally can feel low at 65 or 70, as long as I'm not having frequent

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