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Re: [IP] Pump Reps

At 05:31 AM 5/24/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >When choosing a pump you need to look at 2 things:  first choose the pump 
 >prefer then look at the service you will receive from the company in the
 >areas of tech support, billing, and ordering supplies.

While those are excellent points, the pump rep can make a major difference 
when first getting your pump and when (or if) you ever need to replace it. 
There are a lot of insurance and doctor hassles that can make your life 
miserable at the beginning. A good rep can help make this process much less 

 >You will not be dealing with your rep after you are trained so don't let 
 >sway you pro or con for a particular pump.

If you were to ever have a problem with service or supplies a good rep will 
help cut through the red-tape and intercede in your behalf. So, it's always 
nice to have one that you trust, waiting in the wings. They can also help 
answer questions about new products that have been introduced since you 
originally purchased your pump.


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