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Re: [IP] site infections/exercise

    Melissa had 3 site infections in the first 9 months of pumping...none 
since switching to Silhouettes 2 years ago....She also had her tubing wrap so 
tightly around her while asleep during the first week that it literally 
snapped in TWO- clean break- during the night, so of course she woke up very 
high....That of course has never happened since.....My friend's daughter 
started pumping at the same time, right before a family vacation to Hawaii, 
and the mother was sooooo frustrated by initial adjustment problems with the 
pump that she threatened to toss it into the Pacific Ocean!!!...Yes, many of 
us have "been there/done that", so DO NOT feel like a failure...If you want 
to feel like anything, feel like a "novice" because that's what you are 
TODAY.....and some day, you'll be passing on the same advice to yet another 
"novice" pump-coach mom!!

Regards, Renee (Melissa's pump-coach mom since March '96)
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