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Re: [IP] marilyn and retinopathy

Di,  I was sorry to read about your difficulties.  I hope your situation will 
improve.  Your story is especially upsetting to me because I have always been 
told to catch problems early and they can be stopped.  This obviously was not 
true in your case.  I saw a man at a clinic a few months ago.  He had one 
leg.  Of course, he has DM.  I asked him what happened and he said he had a 
very small bruise on his foot and he ended up getting his entire leg 
amputated.  A podiatrist friend told me that he probably was telling a 
half-truth.  His foot was probably worse than he said.  I really didn't agree 
with my friend, the podiatrist.  I wonder how much control we have once 
something actually appears for our eyes to see.  Maybe, by then, it is 
already too late.  It's a scary situation.  There ought to be a way to detect 
some of these things earlier.  I don't know about you, but I am ready for my 
Borg implant.  ellen 
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